Welcome to "Dark Side Of The Earth" the site is not a take Floyd's musical masterpiece but any association people will make with their "Moon" album is understandable, the big difference is that on Floyd's album it is stated "There is no dark side of the moon really, matter of fact its all dark" however, the same cannot be said of the earth because there is a light side and there is most certainly a very dark side which is controlled by evil bastards who seem hell bent on making it all dark.

The site is intended to supply information, alternative news, links, videos and any other stuff which may be interesting which I have found on my own visits to the "Dark Side".and it is my intention to keep not just the information gleaned from my own research within one site but also links to other peoples work, this way articles will not go "missing" because somebody does not like them. Obviously I do not agree with everything somebody may say but if I have included them they are probably about at least 90%

I have spent a great deal of time sorting out the wheat from the chaff and the woods from the trees so hopefully you will not have to do so, if anyone out there has anything they feel is good enough to include please mail it to:

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